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  • 3 Minutes to Understand Multi-Layer Engineered Flooring

    When you’re making decisions about a new wood floor, there are lots of things you’ll need to think about. Such as the grade of wood, species, solid or engineered wood… All of these questions will need your attention at some point. And in this article, I want to help you understand the Multi-Layer...
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  • All Gilardino SPC flooring are strictly according to Floorscore standards

    On December 29-30, 2020, the FloorScore certification expert team of Beijing Green Onor Technology Service Co., Ltd. conducted a 2-day FloorScore certification on-site audit at factory of Jiangxi Gilardino Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. The expert team followed the FloorScore certificati...
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  • How to Install SPC Click Planks onto Walls?

    In recent years, it has become more and more popular to use wooden grain SPC Click floors as background walls. The unique wooden texture and grains of SPC click floors is simple and stylish. Compared with wallpaper and paint, the SPC planks can bring you more visual impact. Then how to install S...
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  • Is Floor Color Difference A Quality Problem?

    SPC click flooring is more and more popular for home furnishing, mainly because SPC flooring is eco-friendly and economical. However, floor chromatic aberration is often the focus of disputes between consumers and dealers. We all know that the solid wood floor has color difference due to the dif...
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  • How To Choose the Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring and PVC Plastic Flooring

    1. Pay attention to the appearance quality of the product. The high-quality stone plastic flooring has better flexibility, even if it is twisted and bent arbitrarily, there is no crack on the surface. 2. Pay attention to the indicators of physical and chemical properties. Sample inspections are ...
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  • Jiangxi Gilardino Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Annually review of ISO9001 quality management system

    From September 23 to 25, 2020, the expert team of Shanghai Wozhong Certification Co., Ltd. Pei Xiansong and his team came to Jiangxi Gilardino Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001 occupationa...
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  • SPC Floor New Carpet patterns Design

    Traditional carpet materials, with noble and gorgeous temperament, have lived alone in the flooring material market such as luxury hotels and high-end clubs for hundreds of years. In recent years, high-tech has rapidly spawned new materials. GILARDINO also have produced the SPC lock carpet patter...
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  • DOMOTEX Asia 2020- Gilardino Group

    DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR is the leading flooring trade exhibition in the Asian Pacific and the second largest flooring trade exhibition worldwide. The show, which runs from 31th of AUG to 2th SEP 2020 in Shanghai, China. At the exhibition, we focused on floors that are good for health and emphasi...
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  • Why SPC flooring is popular

    SPC flooring has all the advantages of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and PVC flooring. It not only has the real texture of wood flooring, but also has the effect of waterproof and wear -resistance. SPC flooring has seized a large part of the market for laminate flooring, ceramic tiles a...
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  • GILARDINO Marble Pattern Design SPC Flooring

    Gilardino SPC flooring is designed with green environmental protection and returning to nature as its design concept. The purpose of the design is to balance sensory and psychologically and improve our internal connection with the natural world, pursue healthy living, and create visual interactio...
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  • What’s The Right Colors of Vinyl Click Flooring for Different Styles

    Every home owner has his/her preferring styles for home decoration. And do you know which color vinyl click flooring will mostly show your taste?   Here are the details from Topjoy Industrial for your reference:   1、Nordic Style The Nordic style is simple and atmospheric, and more attractive, ev...
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  • 2020 New Trends of Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Tiles: Contemporary Stone Looks

    With the popularity of SPC flooring, people have higher requirements for the diversity of SPC flooring patterns. In particular, the stone pattern is very popular among consumers. The reasons are: 1. The performance of SPC floor is similar to marble tile; 2. It has relatively stable expansion; 3. ...
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