Mint Green High Quanlity PVC Vinyl Flooring Sheet

Short Description:

Model: 988-07
Thickness: 1.0 mm~3.0 mm
Wear Layer: 0.1 mm~0.5 mm
Rolled Width: 2.0 m
Rolled Length 20 m or customized
Application: Office、Hotel、Hospital、Restaurant、Home etc.









Product Detail


Product introduction

Comparing to hard flooring, PVC flooring has better safety, shock absorption and better rebound resilience. It is made of 100% pure PVC raw material. It does not contain methanal, all the technical indicators could up to the environmental standards, this PVC flooring comply with the characteristics of high-tech anti-bacteria, non-toxic, no smell, waterproof and anti-slip. Installation and maintenance cost is low, so with low initial cost.


PVC flooring is duable and tough. It is able to withstand heavy traffic, making it the ideal choice for hospital, school, office, supermarket as well as playground, government facilities and bus. With our advanced technology, PVC flooring with superior effect can easily defeat the traditional flooring in many ways.

Features and structure


Technical data of vinyl rolls

Item Standard Result
Flammability GB 8624 - 2012 B1
Sound ISO 10140 3 dB
Slip Resistance DIN 51130 R9
Dynamic coefficient of friction EN 13893 DS
Sheet Width EN 426 2 m
Sheet Length EN 426 20 m
Overall Thickness EN 428 2.0 mm
Thickness of wear layer EN 429 0.3 mm
Total Weight EN 430 3.5 KG/㎡
Wear Resistance EN 433 0.02 mm
Residual Indentation EN 434 X:<0.4% Y:<0.4%
Dimensional Stability ISO 105-B02 ≥6
Resistance to staining EN 423 Pass
Bend Resistance GB/T 11982.2-2015 Pass

Production line and transportation


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