With the rapid development of China’s economic and social innovation and drive the in-depth implementation of development strategy, China has emerged a large number of famous Chinese brands in the world, but the basic behind the brand are state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and other large enterprises, and to let the world to our products and brands common consumer recognition, the short board and potential in small and medium-sized enterprises.

In line with the initial intention of “not only focusing on large enterprises, but also caring about and supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises”, the focus focus column of the securities information channel is committed to promoting the establishment of a set of core value system of Chinese wisdom, Chinese creation and Chinese brand that can be universally recognized and consciously put into practice by large and medium-sized enterprises.

In order to deepen brand cooperation among large and small enterprises, maintain the value inheritance and national image behind Chinese brands, facilitate the healthy development of national enterprises, and jointly contribute to the construction of brand power, the film team of focus came to jiangxi gilardino building materials technology co., ltd. to conduct on-the-spot interview and shooting for enterprises.


The concept of green and environment-friendly building materials first appeared in the international materials research association in 1988. In recent years, with the improvement of the national quality of life, the pursuit of health, safety and environmental protection of environment-friendly consumption, has also become the focus of The Times.

Jiangxi gilardino building materials technology co., ltd. is an innovative private enterprise developing green and environment-friendly building materials under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development.

Jiangxi gilardino building materials technology co., LTD., located in yujiang industrial park, yujiang county, yingtan city, jiangxi province, is an innovative private enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and installation of new environment-friendly materials.


Its products are: SPC lock flooring, PVC commercial flooring, wall plastic and other new series of building environmental protection materials.

According to enterprise controller introduction, with “low carbon, green, environmental protection” for the characteristic “modern building”, begin to become mainstream trend. As a modern building with green environment-friendly building and sustainable development concept, it puts forward higher requirements on the quality and performance of building materials.

In such a market environment, the company adheres to the concept of sustainable development as the guidance, and technological innovation as the driving force. The zero-formaldehyde and pollution-free series of green and environment-friendly building materials produced by the company are not only conducive to human health, but also have a positive impact on environmental protection.


In recent years, in order to expand the production scale, according to the approval of relevant departments, the enterprise has completed the production, living, research and development of the enterprise and the construction of the office area, and now has an annual output of more than 50,000 tons of PVC building materials production capacity. “Gilardino” is now inviting dealers across the country to join, create wealth of life.

When the film crew visited the production base of jiangxi gilardino building materials technology co., LTD., they were warmly received by the company leaders and employees.


Looking forward to the future, jiangxi gilardino building materials technology co., ltd. hopes to develop more new types of building environmental protection materials through the industry’s strong combination, and gradually promote this “low-carbon, green and environmental protection” new materials to more cities and regions, so that more people can enjoy a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly green life.


In the future, “focus” will actively respond to a nation of encourage all levels of television, radio, and print, network and other media, in key time, important public welfare propaganda independent brands, layout of Chinese brand story, with the state administration of radio “attention reality, pay attention to quality” programming advocates for spiritual guidance and further promote the construction of “news help national enterprise innovation and development”.

Post time: Mar-19-2019
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