In recent years, it has become more and more popular to use wooden grain SPC Click floors as background walls. The unique wooden texture and grains of SPC click floors is simple and stylish. Compared with wallpaper and paint, the SPC planks can bring you more visual impact.

CDM 2145H-06实景2

Then how to install SPC click planks onto walls?


First, Flatness.

It’s same as installing the SPC click flooring on floor, the installer should check and adjust the wall surface, make sure that the wall surface is flat. And the wall surface must be flat to a tolerance of 3/32” per 10’ radius ( 2.38mm in a 3.05m) and the surface slope must not exceed 3/16” in 6’(4.76mm, in 1.83m).


Second, Waterproof.

Painting the waterproof paint on the wall paving area to prevent the floor from getting wet. And make sure that the wall surface is dry.


Third, Installing the SPC Planks.

Fixing one piece SPC plank onto the wall surface with metal buckles, and then connect another piece SPC plank with click. You can also put some glue on back of the planks to strengthen the planks.


Fourth, Edges finishing.

Finish the SPC plank edges with PVC/SPC edge finish accessories.


For more installing guide of SPC click flooring and Wall panels, please kindly contact with our sales. 


Post time: Sep-30-2020
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