SPC Click Flooring has a floating LVT installation method, which means that they float over the sub-floor without any glue or vinyl floor adhesive tape. It becomes a very easy DIY project for many home owners. And the SPC planks can be installed in any room of the home. Also it is more ideal for installing SPC flooring for smaller areas. What is more, the SPC Click flooring is better suited for high-moisture sub-floors like in a basement because a below-grade room could be constantly damp or become flooded.


Glue-down LVT, like its name states, is glued down to the sub-floor, using glue or double-faced acrylic tape. The key of installing glue-down LVT is to start with a flat, even sub-floor since any imperfections could show through and even cause damage to the underside of your LVT floor over time. So the professional installing team are requested for installing glue-down LVT flooring. It can also be installed anywhere in the house and be durable for larger rooms or areas with higher traffic since it’s attached to the sub-floor. This also is a benefit for any rolling traffic, such as furniture on wheels or those with wheelchairs.

Post time: Oct-18-2021
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