Traditional carpet materials, with noble and gorgeous temperament, have lived alone in the flooring material market such as luxury hotels and high-end clubs for hundreds of years. In recent years, high-tech has rapidly spawned new materials. GILARDINO also have produced the SPC lock carpet pattern stone plastic flooring. It has subverted the traditional carpet industry market.



The designer of GILARDINO makes good use of the smooth lines and changing textures of the carpet to form a dynamic feeling. There is a kind of illusion of changing times in different areas, different angles and light. His works stimulate people’s imagination from the details of the carpet style and improve work creativity.


Our new carpet colors floor not only has the visual effect of traditional carpet, but also has all the advantages of SPC rigid core plank floor.



For carpet, we need regular maintenance, and maintenance costs are high. It is hard to clean, we need to pay money to ask a professional people to clean it.


But the SPC floor does not require regular maintenance. It is Dirt resistant, stain resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. Just use the mop to clean the dirty area. It is more economic and worry-free for us. 

Post time: Aug-26-2020
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