Rigid Core LVP Flooring Feels Better Than Flexible Core

With flexible vinyl, you can feel your subfloor (and all the imperfections it might have)—because it’s thin and flexible!

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring would fool the foot as well as the eye like hardwood or tile do.


Rigid Core LVP is More Durable

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is more durable and scratch resistant. Rigid cores can either reflect or absorb impact forces from steps and falling objects, while the flexible vinyl is easy to penetrate.


Rigid Core Comes with Better Warranties

Because rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is so much more durable, it tends to be backed by better warranties. 

The flexible LVP product mostly is backed by what we can only say is a horrendous warranty. In fact, anything you do to the floor—including walking on it too much—voids the warranty. Most rigid core luxury vinyl warranties are better because brands know they’re less likely to have to replace those floors. 

So Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring is better than flexible luxury vinyl. In fact, rigid core vinyl goes a long way in fixing some of the worst disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring.


Post time: Nov-23-2021
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