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  • SPC Floor New Carpet patterns Design

    Traditional carpet materials, with noble and gorgeous temperament, have lived alone in the flooring material market such as luxury hotels and high-end clubs for hundreds of years. In recent years, high-tech has rapidly spawned new materials. GILARDINO also have produced the SPC lock carpet patter...
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  • DOMOTEX Asia 2020- Gilardino Group

    DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR is the leading flooring trade exhibition in the Asian Pacific and the second largest flooring trade exhibition worldwide. The show, which runs from 31th of AUG to 2th SEP 2020 in Shanghai, China. At the exhibition, we focused on floors that are good for health and emphasi...
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  • Why SPC flooring is popular

    SPC flooring has all the advantages of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and PVC flooring. It not only has the real texture of wood flooring, but also has the effect of waterproof and wear -resistance. SPC flooring has seized a large part of the market for laminate flooring, ceramic tiles a...
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  • GILARDINO Marble Pattern Design SPC Flooring

    Gilardino SPC flooring is designed with green environmental protection and returning to nature as its design concept. The purpose of the design is to balance sensory and psychologically and improve our internal connection with the natural world, pursue healthy living, and create visual interactio...
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  • 2020 New Trends of Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Tiles: Contemporary Stone Looks

    With the popularity of SPC flooring, people have higher requirements for the diversity of SPC flooring patterns. In particular, the stone pattern is very popular among consumers. The reasons are: 1. The performance of SPC floor is similar to marble tile; 2. It has relatively stable expansion; 3. ...
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  • The Latest Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring (SPC Flooring) Technology:High Glossy Surface Finishes

    As we all know, most of the SPC floors on the market now have matte surface treatment (glossiness is 5-8 degrees). Now Gilardino has developed bright surface SPC floor and wall panels to meet different customer needs. The high-gloss surface is suitable for stone-patterned floors, especially marbl...
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  • 2020 Gilardino New Product Online release Notice

    For everyone and all industries, the outbreak of COVID-19 makes this year an extremely difficult one. The upcoming Domotex Shanghai exhibition on August 31, 2020 has also been severely affected by the epidemic. Most of Our overseas customers has to cancel the visit to this show due to travel rest...
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  • What’s SPC Vinyl Click Flooring

    SPC Flooring complete name is Stone Plastic Composite Flooring. The main components are limestone (Calcium carbonate) and PVC resin and PVC Calcium-zinc Stabilizer and PVC Lubricant. Difference from LVT flooring, there is no plasticizer inside, so it is more environmentally friendly. Difference ...
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  • How to Install SPC Vinyl Flooring ?

    SPC flooring is more and more popular around the world. Do you also want know how to easy to install? After reading this article you will have the answer.   SPC Flooring installation preparation:   Installation loss: When calculating square-footage and ordering SPC flooring please adding at...
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  • Go a hard way, be a resilient team-a review to our big Event

    We have the pleasure to invite distributors and partners meeting at our factory in Ying Tan City, Jiangxi Province, China from May 23rd to 24th 2020. The topic of this meeting was to seek and grab opportunities in the worse business environment due to the coronavirus disease breaking out globally...
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  • “Resonance in Love’ – Hot-sale SPC flooring collection

    During our national star distributors gathering, our Gilardino-TopJoy Group Company Chairman, announced a big promotion scheme! The new SPC flooring collection, with inclusive of 12 colorways with eye-fool real wood texture, has been romantically named as ” Resonance in Love” or in Ch...
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  • A huge success – Gilardino-TopJoy Annual Distributors Gathering and New Product Launch

    The big event of Gilardino-TopJoy Annual Distributors Gathering and New Product Launch has completed with a huge success! On May23 and May24, the big family of Gilardino-Topjoy finally reunited after a long period of Social distancing caused by Covid-19 epidemic. About 200 distributors came all t...
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