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  • SPC flooring installation

    With the SPC flooring more and more applied in the field of home decoration, many people will wonder how the locking flooring is installed, is it as convenient as what it is promoted? We specifically collected different assembly methods, with complete pictures and videos. After reading this twee...
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  • Flagship product of GILARDINO (2)

    PVC Plastic floor belongs to resilient floor, which is made of PVC resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives, and coated or calendered on the sheet continuous substrate. 1. Product characteristics Wear resistance: high thickness wear-resistant layer, durable Stain resistance: ...
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  • Flagship product of GILARDINO (1)

    SPC rigid core vinyl locking flooring   1. SPC flooring raw materials and production SPC lock floor is made of PVC calcium powder and solvent through high-temperature calendering and hot coating PVC wear-layer, and UV process after cold treatment (determining the anti-pollution performance of the...
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